Fall is a Great Time to Visit Sanibel Island

Fall is a Great Time to Visit Sanibel Island

Do you and your family have a vacation planned to Sanibel Island this fall? If the answer is yes, then we want to let you know that fall is a great time to visit the island. Staying with us at Blind Pass Condominiums will allow you and your family to enjoy your vacation. Let’s look below at why fall is a great time to visit Sanibel Island this year.

Perfect Fall Weather

Fall is a Great Time to Visit Sanibel Island

One of the best things about vacationing to Sanibel Island during the fall months is it’s a little cooler and sometimes less humidity. Yes, we said it less humid. This can be a great thing because if you have ever visited the south in the past, you may realize that the summer months can bring on a lot of humidity. This means that it will feel hotter than it is. The temps during September here on the island should be around 90° during the day and a low of 74°. October brings a little cooler weather of 86° during the day and 69° during the night. While September can get a little more rain than October, it’s still fewer days compared to the Spring and Summer months.

Turtle Season

Fall is a Great Time to Visit Sanibel Island

Another excellent reason for visiting Sanibel Island during the fall months is that it’s still Turtle Nesting Season. While you may see several nests around the area that are roped off, you may happen to see some of the turtles scurrying to the water. This is a great spectacle to see, and we promise it may make you tear up a bit. There are a few things to remember while you are on the beach during this time.

  • Please Remember to Keep Your Distance! This means that if you happen to see a turtle or hatchling, don’t go up and touch them. Give them space just as if you would want to have.
  • We recommend that you don’t flash any kind of light at the turtles, hatchlings, or nests.
  • If you happen to dig any holes on the beach during the day, be sure to fill them back up.

While there are many other reasons why you and your family should visit Sanibel Island this fall, we wanted to share these with you. If you haven’t booked your next family vacation to stay with us in one of our Sanibel Island vacation rentals, now is the time. We hope to see you this fall and enjoy the weather and fun with us!

Sanibel Island has the Best Fall Sunsets

Sanibel Island has the Best Fall Sunsets

Coming to Sanibel Island during the fall months has to be the best time to capture a beautiful sunset. Here on the island you will find many different places that you can explore to be able to catch that sunset. Staying with us at Blind-Pass Condominiums will keep your family close to where some of these places are at. Let’s look below at a few fun spots that you can head to capture the sunsets on this beautiful island with the family.

Blind Pass Beach

Not only is coming to Blind Pass Beach amazing for finding some of the most beautiful seashells, the sunsets are pretty amazing too! Spend the day at the beach with the kids while they play in the sand and you enjoy the sunlight for a bit. Then spend the evening watching the sunset on the shoreline and enjoy some time together soaking in the last bits of sunshine. Grab your camera or Instagram the pictures to share with others how beautiful this beach is for sunsets.

Sanibel Island Lighthouse

Sanibel Island has the Best Fall Sunsets

Another fantastic spot that you can head to get a glimpse of the sunset is to head over to the Sanibel Island Lighthouse. This is a wonderful place to visit with the kids in the late afternoon just in time to see the sun drift off in the distance on the Gulf of Mexico. Visiting the Sanibel Island Lighthouse is perfect for everyone of all ages in the family and it’s where you can also find shells on the beach as well. Another way you can see the sunset is to maybe do a little fishing off the pier there at the beach. Nothing says being on vacation than doing a little fishing and seeing the perfect sunset!

Bowman’s Beach

Bowman’s Beach is another fantastic spot that your family can head to grab a glimpse of the fall sunset. Known best for being one of the best locations to find shells, this is another great location that is close to Blind-Pass Condominiums. Many locals love to head to Bowman’s Beach during the fall months even after a major storm has passed to find the best-looking shells that they have ever seen. But not only do they love the beach for that very reason but also because the sunsets are perfection there too. Sit back and enjoy your time while you are on vacation with the family and take in the beautiful scenery too!

Sanibel Island has the Best Fall Sunsets

There are many other locations along the island where your family can head to catch the fall sunset, but these are the ones you’d like. If you still haven’t made your fall vacation plans yet, we at Blind-Pass Condominiums still have availability. The weather is still perfect and the water is too, so sit back and relax on your fall vacation!

It’s Sea Turtle Nesting Season on Sanibel Island

It’s Sea Turtle Nesting Season on Sanibel Island

May happens to be the start of the sea turtle nesting season here on Sanibel Island and that means that the turtles can be seen any day now. Every year hundreds of sea turtles flock to the beaches of Sanibel Island in late spring to make their nests. And when you stay with us at Blind Pass Condominiums, you may have the opportunity to see a nest or two. Let’s look at what you need to know about the turtle nesting season on Sanibel Island below.

When is Sea Turtle Nesting Season?

It’s Sea Turtle Nesting Season on Sanibel Island

While many of the locals love this time of the year, so does many of our guests do as well. Beginning on May 1st every year is the start of one of the most magical times as it is the beginning of turtle nesting season. This is when you will see sea turtles come to the shore on Sanibel Island to lay their eggs in their nest they have built. From the Sanibel Lighthouse to Blind Pass is where you will find most of the turtle nests. Turtle nesting season ends in October every year so while you are on vacation to Sanibel Island during the late spring to late fall months, know that it is turtle nesting season.

Help Protect Sanibel Islands Turtles

It’s Sea Turtle Nesting Season on Sanibel Island

We take protecting our sea turtles very serious as they have made their home on our beautiful island’s shore. We have over 100 local volunteers who check out the beaches every morning in search of new nests.  These volunteers do mark the new nests with flags along the beach, so if you happen to come across some while on your vacation, don’t disturb them at all. Here are a few rules to follow while you are on vacation on Sanibel Island during turtle nesting season:

  • Please stay at least 50 feet from the sea turtles and their nests.  
  • Don’t disturb the screens that are protecting and covering their nests. These screens help keep predators away from their eggs and hatchlings.
  • Please don’t use your lights on your phone during your nighttime stroll along the shoreline. This can cause them to become disoriented while they are on shore.
  • Please clean up after your day at the beach and be sure to bring in all your beach equipment at night time.
  • Please keep the beach clean from any trash that you may have while spending the day at the beach.  We want to help protect our beaches and the new turtles as much as we can!
  • If you happen to find a nest that isn’t marked or you need to report a problem, then please contact the sea turtle hotline at 978-728-3663.

While there are many other things that you can do while on vacation to Sanibel Island during the turtle nesting season, these are the most important ones we wanted to share. If you are still looking to book your next vacation to Blind Pass Condominiums this summer, now is the time to do so!  We can’t wait to see you and your family on your next vacation to our amazing Sanibel Island this summer!

Where’s the Best Coffee at on Sanibel Island

Where's the Best Coffee at on Sanibel Island

Are you and your family going on vacation to Sanibel Island soon and are you looking to know where you can grab coffee at on the island? We at Blind Pass Condominiums can tell you where you can find some of the best coffee shops in the area. Many locals find that getting their daily dose of caffeine will help you enjoy your vacation a little more. Let’s look at our top picks on where you can find coffee at on Sanibel Island.

The Coffee Bar by Bailey’s

Where's the Best Coffee at on Sanibel Island

The Coffee Bar by Bailey’s is located at the Bailey’s General Store and you won’t be able to find another like it on the island. This is a favorite stop for coffee for many of the locals and for many visitors to the island. They have a large selections of coffee drinks that you can pick from and there is something here for everyone. If you visit more than once and are a frequent coffee drinker, then joining the Sanibel Neighbors Club can allow you to get a special loyalty card. Some of the drinks that you can take advantage of and try are a Flavored Latte, Cool Brew, Smoothies and even Butterbeer. Don’t miss this coffee bar on your next family vacation to Sanibel Island!

Sanibel Deli & Coffee Factory

If you are searching for a coffee shop that has some pretty amazing food and coffee, then this is the place for you. Everyone in the family will want to come back on a daily basis to Sanibel Deli & Coffee Factory. Here you are able to grab yourself a coffee drink such as an Espresso, Café Mocha, Latte or an Iced Coffee. They have other foods for you to enjoy such as Pizza, Wings and even Gluten Free options. Don’t forget about the desserts they have for you to drool over such as Ice Cream, Milkshakes, Fresh Baked Pastries and even Key Lime Pie.

Over Easy Café

Where's the Best Coffee at on Sanibel Island

If you are like many who come on vacation to Sanibel Island, there might be a day or two you don’t feel like cooking breakfast. Then hop on over to Over Easy Café for a meal with the family. Located in the Olde Sanibel Shoppes you will find this quaint little café that has an extensive breakfast menu including coffee. They do have different types of meals such as the Egg Reuben Sandwich, Sunrise Sliders or if you are feeling very hungry then grab the Big Bertha’s Breakfast. Over Easy Café serves coffee, Herbal Teas, Fresh Florida OJ and even Mimosa’s for the adults. Stop by one day and enjoy this eggceptional breakfast and shop in their little store too.

Joey’s Custard

Joey’s Custard is not only a coffee shop but it’s also a place where you and your family can head to get a nice cold treat on a hot day. Located at 2467 Periwinkle Way in Sanibel you will find Joey’s Custard that is open 7 days a week from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm. They do offer their customers both indoor and outdoor seating so you too can enjoy the sunshine and the air conditioning on those hot days. Some of the coffee that you can get is Latte, Cappuccino and a Cuban Coffee. For the kids they can get Ice Cream, Custard, Frozen Yogurt and more. Why not spend the day at the beach and for a late evening treat come to Joey’s Custard.

While there are other coffee shops that are in Sanibel, we thought that you’d enjoy these. If you are still looking for a place to stay for your next vacation to Sanibel Island, check out what is available at Blind Pass Condominiums. We look forward to seeing you and your family on your next vacation to the beach!

Beach Bag Essentials for your Sanibel Island Vacation

Beach Bag Essentials for your Sanibel Island Vacation

Do you have a vacation planned to Sanibel Island this year? If the answer is yes, then we understand that spending the week sitting on the beach soaking up the rays is just what you need.  Staying in one of our 3-Bedroom condo rentals will keep you close to the beach but having the right things in your beach bag will allow you to enjoy your vacation. We have compiled a list to help you get ready for your next vacation to Sanibel Island below.

Beach Bag Items

Beach Towels

When you are on vacation making sure you have packed everything before you leave home is essential. So be sure to pack a towel for everyone in your family whether you are going to sit in the sun or swim in the ocean. Bringing an extra towel with you is always a good idea especially if you have little ones with you. Having a beach towel with a different design can help each member in your group remember which one theirs is. Another great thing that you can do to each towel is sew pockets onto the end of the towel. This way you can keep your sunglasses and phone close by while you play.


Beach Bag Essentials for your Sanibel Island Vacation

The sun on Sanibel Island can be very hot so sunscreen is a must for any beach bag. Use a sunscreen that is designed for your beach activities such as waterproof, sport, high SPF, etc. Dermatologists recommend that you use a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF while you are enjoying the sunshine. And don’t forget to Reapply throughout your day as we don’t want you to ruin your vacation the very first day your here with a sunburn. If you happen to get a little too much sun while you are on vacation, remember to pack a bottle of aloe as well.

Bag for Sand Toys

Anytime you go on vacation with kids, you have to bring a ton of sand toys with you. We understand bringing sand back with you into your vacation rental is not necessary and can be quite a hassle. So, if you pack a mesh bag such as a laundry bag or a bag specifically for beach toys can help eliminate the mess. Just throw the sandy toys into the bag, give it a good shake or two and leave the sand behind at the beach.

Hats & Sunglasses

Bringing sunglasses and hats can be very useful for anyone who visits the beach. The sun is much hotter than it is in the north, so we want to make sure that your eyes and face are protected. Having sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun bright rays and will offer you some relief when trying to keep an eye on your little ones playing. Whether you have a floppy hot or a baseball cap, you will be happy that you brought these along with you. Don’t forget to pack one for everyone in the family.

Baby Powder

Beach Bag Essentials for your Sanibel Island Vacation

This is one item that you may not have thought about, but it is a must whenever you visit the beach. Whether you are staying in a vacation rental or you decided to drive your car to the beach access, sand will be all over you when you leave the beach for help. So, bringing baby powder in your beach bag will magically get the sand off of your body without irritation and leave a nice scent too. This is perfect for everyone in the family and not just the kids.

There are many other things that you can pack into your beach bag, but these are the must have items for your next vacation. If you haven’t made your vacation to Sanibel Island yet, check out our 3-Bedroom condo rentals today. We can’t wait for your family to come and vacation with us!