Plan Your Family Vacation to Sanibel FL

When your family is ready to go somewhere new and different for the family vacation this year we have the perfect location — Sanibel Island, Florida. Located west of Fort Myers just off the coast, the area provides unlimited beach excursions full of beach combing for shells that are out of this world. There are wildlife parks and historical charm that you won’t want to miss either.

Sanibel Island FL vacation rentalsWhether you come for the miles of pristine, white sandy beaches that line the coastline, the 250+ different types of seashells or the 25 miles of bike paths for you to pedal around the island on while enjoying the scenery, you will experience the adventure of a lifetime on Sanibel. When you stay in our Sanibel Island FL vacation rentals at Blind Pass Condominiums you’ll feel like you just arrived in paradise.

Sanibel Island measures 3 miles across and 12 miles long and is oriented east to west. There is a shopping and dining district in close proximity to our Sanibel Island FL vacation rentals where you’ll enjoy choosing from more than 60 restaurants. Life here is laid back and casual. Pets are allowed on the beach if they’re leashed and picked up after but alcohol is prohibited November through May. Come enjoy phenomenal fishing, swimming, windsurfing, kayaking and picnicking. You’ll enjoy the convenience of having restrooms available at most of the beaches in the area, too.

We look forward to your arrival!

For That Special Time Away

For anyone planning a special vacation to Sanibel Island off the southwestern coast of Florida – whether for an anniversary, a big birthday, or just for a romantic getaway where you can pop that big question – you’ll be needing some Sanibel Island lodging. You can spend a lot of time looking around and pondering where to stay or you can cut to the chase and book your Sanibel Island lodging with us at Blind Pass Condominiums. When the run-of-the-mill hotel room just won’t do, you should be staying with us.

We have, after all, everything you could possibly need in a large assortment of beautifully decorated condominiums. All of these lovely homes would meet the needs of anyone coming to such a remarkable place such as Sanibel Island.

To save this island for a special occasion makes complete and total sense. It’s an exceptional place. But now the time has come and the plans are in the makings. Get your flight reserved or map out your trip by car, unless your car has a GPS in which case you can let it do the thinking for you.

Once that is done, give us a call or go onto our website, and select which condominium best suits you, then make your reservation. It’s just as simple as that! Pack less because with access to your own washer and dryer you won’t need such a large inventory of clothing. And come prepared – for a marvelous time that will both relax and rejuvenate you!

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