Our Journey Back to Paradise – Update 3

Our Journey Back to Paradise

We are excited to report that we are making great strides at Blind Pass. The basic services are coming online one at a time. Water is on, electricity is close to being connected and the sewage system will be completed next. Many of our favorite restaurants have reopened, including Traders, Island Pizza, Il Cielo and Sanibel Deli. The beaches are also reopening as the clean-up of each beach is completed. And the public is allowed on the island to visit and support the businesses that have reopened.

The crews have been working seven days a week to clean up the landscaping and have completely removed all the debris. Many of the trees along the path going to the bridge had to be removed from the property as they had been pushed over by the high winds. And all the sod had to be removed as the salt water had destroyed it down to the roots. Most of the palms and other bigger plants are growing back nicely and we will be replanting all the landscaping needed to make Blind Pass more beautiful than ever. Some plants and trees are even blooming again!
The first-floor units have been stripped down to the studs and the second-floor units are being repaired as needed – more on that below. Air conditioning units have to be replaced in every unit and that process is well underway.
We have received so much support from all of you and will continue to send you updates as the progress continues.
With gratitude ~ The Blind Pass Board of Directors

Happy New Year!

As we say goodbye to 2022, we want to say Happy New Year to all of our friends, families and guests from the Blind Pass family! We wish you a happy, healthy and wonderful 2023. We are committed to moving forward with the goal of re-opening Blind Pass to our guests once again. It’s a huge task but the support has been amazing. We appreciate all the encouragement, kind notes and messages that our guests send. We can’t wait to open our doors to you once again! We’ll continue to share our progress along the way so check out our Facebook and Instagram pages too.

Blind Pass Pool Update

Remember what our pool looked like after Ian? Our pool has now been cleaned — look at that color! The mud was removed and scraped off and the deck has been pressure washed too. The next step is replacing the damaged pool equipment! We know so many of you have enjoyed our beautiful pool over the years with your families. We can’t wait to see you all swimming, playing and relaxing here again. We have more photos on our Facebook page – click here to see!

1st Floor Update

Every 1st floor condo has been cleaned out and demoed down to the studs. This is a huge project and we’re so grateful for the contractor crew that has been working on this. The ongoing progress has been encouraging to see as these units have gone from being filled with water and debris to a clean slate for the rebuild. We’ll keep you posted on developments as we work together to re-open!

2nd Floor Update

While some of the upper units at Blind Pass were unaffected by Hurricane Ian, others did experience damage from the storm. Some windows were blown out, a few of the units had roofs partially blown off or damaged, and water got into some of the units. Any roof damage will be repaired as part of our rebuilding process. Read more.

Thank you to the Bauers!

Our owners at Blind Pass Condos are the best! The Bauers stopped by and delivered donuts and cookies to the crew working, offering treats to everyone on-site that day. Blind Pass owners are a wonderful group of people that have banded together to get through the rebuilding process, showing gratitude along the way. We love to see this, thank you so much Jim and Lynn!


Lunches for the working crew continue

We have a huge crew of people working at Blind Pass Condos. They are helping to bring Blind Pass back so we can re-open and welcome owners and guests again. This devoted team has been working tirelessly since day one. Our wonderful community of owners and guests have donated to a workers lunch fundraiser — this has been a great way to say Thank You from afar. So far, we’ve hosted 7 lunches and have recently been able to order from Sanibel Deli. We’re happy to help support local businesses on island as they reopen! Read more about our lunch fundraiser here. Read more about our lunch fundraiser here.



We are committed to sharing our story as we continue on this journey. Our guests, friends and Blind Pass families are a source of inspiration to all of us. Thank you for the support, the kind messages, the sweet stories and uplifting notes. We appreciate all of you and look forward to keeping you informed. Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter, we’ll continue to share our updates and progress along the way. Thank you!

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