Fall is a Great Time to Visit Sanibel Island

Fall is a Great Time to Visit Sanibel Island

Do you and your family have a vacation planned to Sanibel Island this fall? If the answer is yes, then we want to let you know that fall is a great time to visit the island. Staying with us at Blind Pass Condominiums will allow you and your family to enjoy your vacation. Let’s look below at why fall is a great time to visit Sanibel Island this year.

Perfect Fall Weather

Fall is a Great Time to Visit Sanibel Island

One of the best things about vacationing to Sanibel Island during the fall months is it’s a little cooler and sometimes less humidity. Yes, we said it less humid. This can be a great thing because if you have ever visited the south in the past, you may realize that the summer months can bring on a lot of humidity. This means that it will feel hotter than it is. The temps during September here on the island should be around 90° during the day and a low of 74°. October brings a little cooler weather of 86° during the day and 69° during the night. While September can get a little more rain than October, it’s still fewer days compared to the Spring and Summer months.

Turtle Season

Fall is a Great Time to Visit Sanibel Island

Another excellent reason for visiting Sanibel Island during the fall months is that it’s still Turtle Nesting Season. While you may see several nests around the area that are roped off, you may happen to see some of the turtles scurrying to the water. This is a great spectacle to see, and we promise it may make you tear up a bit. There are a few things to remember while you are on the beach during this time.

  • Please Remember to Keep Your Distance! This means that if you happen to see a turtle or hatchling, don’t go up and touch them. Give them space just as if you would want to have.
  • We recommend that you don’t flash any kind of light at the turtles, hatchlings, or nests.
  • If you happen to dig any holes on the beach during the day, be sure to fill them back up.

Less Crowds

Beautiful beach on Sanibel Island, Florida.  The Gulf Coast beach is famous for sea shell collecting.

Vacationing on Sanibel Island during the fall months means that its less crowded. Kids have gone back to school and so it means that you’ll be able to find the perfect spot on the beach. No need to wait a long time at a local restaurant for lunch or dinner and more time to shop without the crowds. Sit on the beach with the family as you watch the sunset together with very little people around. We promise that you’ll fall in love with the fall as you get to enjoy your time spent together.

While there are many other reasons why you and your family should visit Sanibel Island this fall, we wanted to share these with you. If you haven’t booked your next family vacation to stay with us in one of our Sanibel Island vacation rentals, now is the time. We hope to see you this fall and enjoy the weather and fun with us!