Sanibel Island Really is the Most Effective Antidote for the Winter Blues

If you’re one of the many people that just have to escape the cold and snow of the northern states during the winter months, if only for a week-long stay, we have just the place for you. Right here in southern Florida you’ll find some of the most beautifully decorated and well-appointed Sanibel condo rentals in the entire area.

Sanibel condo rentalsWe know how hard it is for some people living in the northern states to make it through the long winter months. In many northern states it’s very seldom that people ever see the sun and many times when it is out it’s too cold to set foot outdoors for most. The older you get the less likely you are to want to go out and battle the ice and snow. Here in Florida, where the sun seems to almost always be shining and the temperatures are warm enough to wrap yourselves in, we encourage you to come treat yourself to a stay in one of our condo rentals in Sanibel Island FL.

Many people have found that when they come here to spend part of their winter, their spirits are significantly lifted during the period of time they’re with us. Is it all this sunshine? Is it the fact that the weather is so incredibly warm that they can walk the beaches, go bicycling, and hit the golf courses any time of the year? It’s all of those things and more. Perhaps this is why after returning home so many people decide to make a permanent move to this area. You’ll enjoy having the sun shining more and we guarantee you’re going to feel a whole lot better because of it.

Sanibel condo rentalsMedically, it’s true that sunshine is essential for our physical and emotional well-being. Sunshine encourages our body’s to release serotonin, a chemical derived from the amino acids in our body’s tissues, and that lifts our mood. It’s also our body’s main source of Vitamin D, which is essential for strong teeth and bones.

When the sun is out and the temperatures are warmer, like they are year round here in Florida, you’re more apt to go outdoors and do things and just be more active. Things like playing golf, walking the beach, and shopping, can all contribute to an increased feeling of well-being. It’s important to stay active during the winter months and that’s just so much easier here on Sanibel Island.

You’ll find many people living here in Florida that relocated to the area from the north and have never regretted it. Many wish they’d done it sooner. If you’d like to experience this first hand to see how you feel, why not come and stay in one of our condo rentals for a week or more. At Blind Pass Condominiums we have a nice assortment of luxurious condos rentals that are sure to fit any size family. Check them out on our website or give us a call at 1-800-852-2038 if you have questions.